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The New Year is traditionally a time for making changes, be it taking up a new hobby, finding a new job or eating more healthily. Top of most people’s list is a vow to get in shape and do more exercise. Time Magazine once listed the top 10 most commonly broken New Year’s resolutions. It probably won’t surprise you to learn that ‘lose weight and get fit’ is number one on that list.

In fact, losing weight and doing more exercise accounts for around 35% of people’s New Year's resolutions. However, 43% of people making this resolution failed to keep it in the first month of 2014. 80% couldn't stick to their vows for longer than three months, and 86% failed to keep up their good work after a year.

This is largely down to the fact that too often we make unrealistic promises to ourselves. If you have never been interested in running for example, then deciding to run every day probably won’t work out for you. It’s important to find something that you enjoy to help keep motivation levels high.

Not everyone can motivate themselves to run outside during the winter...

Not everyone can motivate themselves to run outside during the winter...

Due to climate, safety, family responsibilities or time constraints, many people turn to indoor exercise to try and get their fitness fix...and this is where problems often arise. 

Indoor exercise, particularly when done alone, can be incredibly boring…we’ve all been there. It’s thought that around 1 million people in the UK pay for a gym membership they will never use. This adds up to £480 million wasted every year! Only 1 in 10 people in the UK will make it to the gym at least once a month. Plans to try and exercise at home often fail too, with some of the best intentions ending in another evening on the sofa after the novelty of working out in the living room wears off.

There is a serious note to this failure to do regular exercise. A recent article on major Norwegian news site, NRK, found that 70% of young people in Norway (aged between 25-34) failed to meet the minimum levels of physical activity. This inactivity contributes to all kinds of health problems, such as diabetes, obesity, cancer, musculoskeletal problems and heart disease. On a global scale, the World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that 1 in 4 adults do not meet the recommended minimum levels of physical activity.

So what’s the answer, how do we motivate ourselves to be more active? We at Activetainment can’t claim to have all the answers, but it seems that finding a type of exercise that you actually enjoy is a huge step towards introducing more activity into your life. For some this might be dance classes, rowing, roller skating or yoga. For others indoor cycling with a twist might just be the answer. 

Finding exercise you enjoy will help keep motivation levels up.

Finding exercise you enjoy will help keep motivation levels up.

A recent European study found that interactive indoor cycling resulted in more energy expenditure, with motivation levels remaining much higher when compared with more common methods of indoor exercise. It would therefore appear that whilst advances in technology might have made us lazy, these advances could also be the answer to start helping encourage people to be more active again. 

This naturally brings us to the ebove bike. The bike, as many of you know, is an interactive simulator that moves in real time, corresponding to beautiful 3D visualisations of outdoor terrain. Resistance changes according to what is seen on the screen, and the virtual reality, multiplayer and social community capabilities add an even more interactive and engaging element. It’s a crazy experience but one that’s so immersive and fun that you don’t realise you’re working out. You can read more about this in an article we were featured in on

We are confident that the ebove bike will change the way we exercise indoors for good. Around 5,000 people tried our bikes over the course of 2015. We surveyed a number of these and found that 90% of those trying the bikes agreed that they forgot they were exercising whilst using the bike. 93% also agreed that they would use the bike if it was at their gym. We are really excited about the potential of the ebove bikes to get more people enthused about exercise again.

Whilst it’s a few months until you’ll be able to use the ebove bike in the gym, we believe that the days of plodding along on a treadmill whilst counting down the minutes until you can stop will soon be a thing of the past. If you live in the Nordics then you can of course pre-order your bike here!

2016 will see us attend events and trade shows all over the world and we’re working on some very cool plans to make it possible for even more people to try the ebove bike for themselves….so stay posted! 

A happy ebove tester at SykkelExpo 2015.

A happy ebove tester at SykkelExpo 2015.