Welcome to the first ever Activetainment blog. As we get ready to launch our ebove™ B\01 bike to the market we’ll be posting all of our latest updates here so, if you haven't already, make sure you’ve signed up to get our news delivered regularly straight to your inbox!

We’ve had a busy summer, working hard to finalise the bike’s development. The latest prototype recently arrived at our office in Oslo and we’re now working on some final adjustments. Things are looking great so far and we’re hoping to open up for pre-orders very soon.

We’ve also started to showcase our bikes at media, industry and consumer events, such as Oslo Marathon’s Health and Fitness Expo. This was the first time EVER that our bikes have been showcased and demoed in Norway, so it was very cool to finally show people what we’ve been working on.

We also recently took part in our first ever TedX event at Arendal on the 23rd September. The event was completely sold out, so we had an audience of 700 and many many more watching live online. One of our Co-Founders, Jan Arild, was the first speaker of the evening.

He talked through how and why we created ebove alongside the bigger picture in general in terms of the issue of inactivity and obesity and how technology might be able to solve these issues.

We demoed the bike after the presentations with a great response. We will post a link to the video on our blog as soon as it’s available online.

We’ll be attending loads of more events with our bikes in the coming months, all details will be posted on our website and social media. We’ll let you know which events are open to the public too as we’re keen for as many people as possible to try our bikes.

We’re looking forward to sharing all of our news and updates with you and hope you’ll enjoy being part of our journey. We’ll be posting info across both our website and social media channels so stay tuned for more news and updates soon!