The B\01 Bike

Indoor becomes outdoor.

guaranteed to give the best indoor cyling experience possible.

Our ebove b\01 indoor bike isn't like any other bikes you'll see in the gym. We've created something that is truly fun to use and that offers an amazing cardio workout. Unlike other traditional upright and recumbent bikes, the ebove b\01 bike moves in real time according to the beautiful and immersive 3D visuals seen on its corresponding screen. Users will be having so much fun that they forget they are working out. 

  • Moveable handlebars with brakes and gears to regulate direction, speed and resistance
  • Automatic and highly responsive incline/decline
  • User-affected sideways tilt
  • Pedal-resistance regulated by both visualized terrain and user-controlled gears

  • Equipped with a 15.6" touch display
  • 3D-animated visualizations of outdoor surroundings
  • Responsive visuals (i.e. pedal faster to increase speed)
  • Terrain affects incline and pedal-resistance

  • Compete against yourself or others, through single races, series or tournaments
  • Real-time or not
  • Challenge friends or family
  • See your opponents or your own ghost rider
  • Climb on leaderboards

  • All activity statistics are logged and provided in a practical-informative manner
  • Log your activities and relevant metrics
  • Improve your shape
  • Share stats or achievements if you want to
  • Compare yourself against others