The T\01 Treadmill

"Immersive" suddenly has a new ring to it.

  • Automatic and highly responsive incline/decline
  • Adjustable, automatic sideways tilt
  • Unique feel of outdoor running

  • Equipped with a touch display
  • 3D-animated visualizations of outdoor surroundings
  • Responsive visuals
  • Terrain affects incline and sideways tilt


  • Compete against yourself or others
  • Real-time or not
  • Independent of geographic location
  • Challenge friends or family
  • See your opponents or your own ghost rider
  • Climb on leaderboards

  • All activity statistics are logged and provided in a practical-informative manner
  • Log your activities and relevant metrics
  • Improve your shape
  • Share stats or achievements if you want to
  • Compare yourself against others